Dreaming of a Romantic Cuban Vacation

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I have a passion for travel.  I almost obsess about it. Right before I got married I took off for 6 weeks on a study abroad around London, Paris, Barcelona, and all over Italy. It use to be my goal to visit 2 countries at least every year.  But of course I grew up, got married, bought a house and now have 2 children.  Traveling to 2 countries a year isn’t as easy as it once was but I can still dream about it right.  Now I’ve heard that the anticipation & planning of a vacation is more beneficial to you than the actual vacation.  There is something about having that exciting adventure to look forward to that does your body some good.

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One of the Queen’s swans in Hyde Park

holiday, vacation, travel, London

The architecture blew me away in London

holiday, vacation, travel, Florence, Italy

Duomo di Firenze in Florence Italy

holiday, vacation, travel, Italy, Rome, colosseum

The Collesseum in Rome

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Now I not only haven’t been feeding this travel bug of mine but I also haven’t taken a break from my kids not once- EVER! The only time I have been apart from Olivia was when I had Ryan & was at the hospital.  This mama needs a small break from parenting to recharge my batteries.  Since the last vacation out of the country I went on was my babymoon to Turks & Caicos I thought it would be fun to plan a romantic vacation to a destination I’ve been dying to go to– CUBA!!

holiday, vacation, travel, Cuba

Now everyone knows that if you truly want to experience a place you can’t just go and stay in a resort and never leave. I mean those vacations are nice and needed at times but when you are in a location as exciting as Cuba you want to dive into the culture.  That’s what I love about anywhere.com– it connects you with locals to help plan your trip for FREE.  Seriously head over to anywhere.com– pick a location on their list that you desire- let them know how much you want to spend, time frame, things you want to do while there & they will have locals give tips and help plan your dream vacation with you.

holiday, travel, vacation, Cuba

holiday, vacation, travel, Cuba

How perfect does Cuba already look?  The pastel buildings, the old cars, tobacco fields, beaches- you’ll be able to plan exactly what fancies you.

holiday, travel, vacation, Cuba

I already know my husband will want to relax on this beach, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and warmth of the sun.  I can feel my body relaxing just thinking about it.  We will also get to explore amazing locations like this waterfall below- I feel like it belongs in a fairytale.

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This almost gives you the best of both worlds- a relaxing beach setting with the amazon feeling right across to look at.

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What I love about Anywhere.com is how easy it was to use.  I went to the website, picked a location and described what I had in mind.  I put a budget, time limit, and a few activites we would be interested in.  Within 24 hours they had a local on their team draw up a plan of our ideal vacation and emailed the itinerary over to us.  We got to look it over and either agree with what they drew up or give some suggestions.  At the bottom of the email it even had a photo of the person that put the trip together and listed what hours he would be available if I had any questions about the trip.  I love the idea that this trip was perfectly planned for what we wanted to do rather than following the crowds around like a herd of cattle like some vacations can feel like.

Anywhere.com travel holiday Cuba

They have lots of other locations to choose from





and more to come in the near future.

Vietnam, Bali, Myanmar, Tanzania & Chile

Remember that when booking with Anywhere.com you are getting advice and tips from locals on things that you are interested in.  You set the budget, time frame, activities of interest & get help planning your dream vacation to Cuba  all for FREE.