Second Baby Wish List

TOP 5 Wish List for 2nd Baby

Dockatot, Ollie Swaddle, Uppababy Vista, Owlet, Lucy Darling, Little Unicorn, The Baby Cubby

  1. Dockatot – deluxe: We got the dockatot grand for Olivia when she was around 9 months old, I was desperate for a goodnight sleep and loved what I had read from other moms.  I researched about them and loved knowing that every part is breathable- when you’ve got a baby that loves to stuff her face into the covers or sleep on her belly this was a big issue for me.  The first few nights she wasn’t sure about it- it was something new and I was nervous that I had just wasted my money, but after that once I would lay her down she would snuggle to her comfort spot and go right to sleep.  I knew we hit the jackpot but especially when we started to go to friends homes during her naptime or staying over at grandma’s house to visit.  I dreaded trying to put her to sleep in a new area but with the dockatot that is familiar for her so she would fall a sleep pretty quickly.  I knew that with our second child this would be one of our first purchases we made.
  2. Owlet: Do you or did you every just stare at your baby sleeping and wonder if they were even alive? Well I use to all the time- I remember the first time she slept through the whole night I woke up in a panic thinking she had to be dead.  I just sat there and stared at her for a few minutes.  She wasn’t moving and it looked like she wasn’t even breathing.  I started to stroke her face and poke at her until she moved just a little to make sure she was alive.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to check on her even though she was in the same room as me. I feared I missed her struggle or cry for help.  About 9-10 months later I heard about this new baby monitor called the Owlet and I knew I was getting it with my next child.  This little sock sits on the babies foot and will monitor their oxygen level and heart rate.  I think this is a must for all parents but especially little ones that have been in the NICU.
  3. The Ollie Swaddle: I hated trying to swaddle Olivia up only to have her untangle it soon after but the velcro swaddles that I got from Target were annoying to me as well.  When Olivia would wake up in the middle of the night and need a diaper change I would have to unswaddle the entire thing waking her up in the process.  There were times she would start crying so loud my husband would come in wondering if he needed to step in and help- nope dear just trying to change her diaper, she will be fine once she is warm and swaddled again.  This swaddle you can keep the baby all nice and snug and just work up the open bottom and get things done.  I can’t wait to try this out.
  4. Little Unicorn Swaddle: Have you seen these swaddles- they are beautiful and so soft.  I had very cute swaddles with Olivia but these ones were gorgeous.  This was something I wanted to invest in for my next baby and I also love to get them for friends as well.  I also love that they are light weight so I often use them as blankets, especially in the summer time.
  5. Lucy Darling- Baby book: I got one of these baby books for Olivia and it is adorable.  They are well made, easy to keep up on, and very well priced as well.  If I was able to keep up on this baby book than anyone can.  I am the worst at that kind of stuff but it was important to me to have for her when she was older.  Plus they came out with some new designs since Olivia was born.


UppaBaby Vista Stroller: I have the Bugaboo Cameleon right now and it is a great stroller- I love it.  But I don’t want to switch over to the donkey- it seems a little to bulky to me.  I know you can buy the little skate to add on but Olivia LOVES to be pushed in her stroller.  I don’t want her to feel like she is getting booted to walking or even hanging onto that skate part while the baby gets her spot.  The Uppababy Vista has where you can add another seat to it- how great is that.  You can do so many different configurations as well to find something that works for you.  This is still on my wish list because I spent way too much already on Black Friday. Oups- the baby needed it all.

Where did I find all these amazing products?  In just one spot- The Baby Cubby.  This is a local store here in Utah but I actually bought everything online.  I have followed this store on instagram for awhile now and have been to a few of their pop-up shops.  I have also watched a few of their periscopes where they have talked about products they have at the store and they also showed some awesome things from the baby convention and were asking their followers for advice on what products we were all curious about and wanting in their store.  I love that sense of community that they give to all parents.  It really does take a village to raise a family and they are a great member of that village to help.

The Baby Cubby just isn’t another baby store, they honestly want to help you on your journey of being a parent.  Car seats are something that I really struggle with- there has been times that I have had to remove the base out my car and getting it back in has been a real struggle. I am not that strong to pull it as tight as it needs to be.  They have a car seat specialist that you can always stop off at their store and they will check it for you and if anything is wrong they will help you correct it.

They often host pop up shops for other local vendors as well.  I love a store that really believes in community and bringing people together. They will have small shops set up at their location and host the event.  Their store also likes to support small shops and they often ask their customers if there are products that they want them to carry.  That right there is amazing service to me.

Now on Black Friday they were having an amazing sale- everything that I wanted on this list was on sale so I stayed up until 12:01 to make sure I got it all.  Now this is where it’s a huge surprise- Saturday afternoon I got a knock on my door and I have 2 packages from The Baby Cubby- I bought this stuff the day before. It was so fast and everything came very well packaged.  They offer nationwide free shipping on orders over $49. Which lets be honest as a parent the last thing you really want to do is run to a store and have to get out of your car to do anything.  I love to shop in my pjs with my hair in my 2 day old bun and know that I didn’t have to pay for shipping either- win-win.

Check out their blog to see what articles and advice they have to share and also check out their store online.


*This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby- all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.  These items are truly on the top of my list of must haves for second baby.


Why Hire a Birth Photographer


I had written all about Olivia’s birth story about a year ago. It was a beautiful story but it was very personal to me. There might have been a few people that were interested in reading it but the more I read it the more I realized how important it was to me & pretty person. I am so glad I wrote it, it was a journal piece that I will treasure forever. But a whole year later and restarting up a blog I decided to talk about why you should hire a birth photographer.

I love photographs. To me nothing is better than a frozen piece of time Yes a lot of photos are staged but when you look at a photo it brings you right back to that very moment. People hire a photographer for huge moments in their lives. Since I am still under 5 years of this stage I will mention a moment that everyone thinks is the most important day of their lives, your wedding day. You take engagements, bridals, and the actual wedding by a professional photographer, this is a huge day and you want beautiful photos. You think this is the most important day of your life. Trust me up to this point it is, unless you have already become a parent. Becoming a parent trumps becoming a spouse any day, at least it did for me. So I looked at this moment as why not have a professional come in and capture moments of this special day that I can cherish forever.

This takes me to the first reason on my top 5 list why to hire a professional.

1. Biggest day of your life
 Becoming a parent is a huge day in anyones life. Nothing will ever be the same after you become a parent. You hire a professional photographer for huge events happening in your life. You also hire a professional usually once a year to take photos for christmas/New Years cards and just so you have a photo of your entire family every year. Why wouldn’t you hire a professional to capture moments that change your life so drastically.

2. Moments you never saw

 My photographer captured things that I never got to see with my own eyes.  My husband was next to me when we heard our beautiful little girls first cries.  I was focused on myself at the time, what I was feeling, what I was doing. I wasn’t caring to look around and see what my husband was experiencing.  But my photographer did.  She took several pictures of his reaction which was beautiful.  I have only seen my husband cry once before. I guess I technically didn’t see this one either but while looking at all the photos and seeing him wipe away tears was so beautiful to me. I didn’t know his reaction until the photographer told and showed me. I am so glad she captured it and I will forever cherish that photo. I think if I saw a photo of my father reacting the same way when I was born that photo would be cherished by me as well.

3. Moments you don’t want to forget

 I’ve got complete mom brain. I thought it was bad when I was pregnant but a year after O’s birth and I realize this mom brain might be here to stay.  I have forgotten small things about that day that I thought I never would. How could you ever forget the best day of your life. Well you can and you do.  I love looking back at photos of that day and reliving it.  You don’t relive the painful stuff either ladies. Nature has a wonderful way of making you forget any of the pain so we want to redo this whole process over again.

4. Takes pressure off everyone

I take the photos in this family, not my husband. I know all families aren’t this way and there are a lot of you lucky ladies that have wonderful husbands that are amazing with the camera. We aren’t one of those families.  There was no way I was going to trust my husband to take beautiful photos of what was going on. Plus I wanted him in a lot of the photos as well.  I’ll refer back to reason #2–getting his reaction to the birth.  I also didn’t want a whole audience in the room while delivering.  Even if you do want a lot of people in there, how great is it to have someone there to capture everyone participating.  It took the pressure off family, my husband and me.  I just delivered a baby, I would have wanted to be up there taking photos of her getting weighed & measured.  There was no way I would have been able too. I was still in surgery myself. Yes I got stitches, yeah me. So there was no pressure for anyone to man up and take beautiful photos because I knew the photographer was already doing that.

5. Relax

All the reasons listed above will help you relax on this big day.  You don’t want to feel even more stressed than you already will be and maybe you wouldn’t. I personally would feel stressed if I didn’t capture certain moments. I’m already kicking myself about certain photos I didn’t take throughout her first year. Having a professional there to capture this beautiful moment helped me to relax.

Now lets show you some photos

Birth story, baby girl, babies

Birth Story, rose to life, baby girl, surprise gender,

Birth Story, rose to life, baby girl, surprise gender,

birth story, baby girl, rose to life, lifestyle blog, babies

Birth Story, rose to life, baby girl, surprise gender,

Photos taken by April at New Elements Films