Small Shop Saturday :: Koowawa

kids socks, children's socks, small shop

I love sharing about small shops.  I love finding and support new ones and they often have unique items that I get questions about all the time.  This adorable shop Koowawa is no exception to that.  Now I am obsessed with adorable socks for my kids.  My husband the other day actually begged me to just buy plain old white socks so that he can always find a match.  Nope- sorry honey- this is my chance to dress these little ones up as adorable as I want to.

Now searching for cute socks I have found an odd pair here or there – but Koowawa has one of the largest selections of cute kids socks that I have found.  I was also thrilled to find them in different sizes so I could live out my fantasy of dressing both my girls alike as well.  Just look at the photos below of how cute they are and this is just 2 different pairs.  I’m tempted to buy most of them just because but this mama is on maternity leave and needs to be careful with the funds.  Go give them a look though- I bet you will find several pairs you love.

kids socks, children's socks, small shop kids socks, children's socks, small shop kids socks, children's socks, small shop kids socks, children's socks, small shop

Olivia’s Socks :: Koowawa c/o :: Ryan’s Socks :: Koowawa c/o

This post was sponsored by Koowawa but my thoughts are my honest opinion.

Second Baby Wish List

TOP 5 Wish List for 2nd Baby

Dockatot, Ollie Swaddle, Uppababy Vista, Owlet, Lucy Darling, Little Unicorn, The Baby Cubby

  1. Dockatot – deluxe: We got the dockatot grand for Olivia when she was around 9 months old, I was desperate for a goodnight sleep and loved what I had read from other moms.  I researched about them and loved knowing that every part is breathable- when you’ve got a baby that loves to stuff her face into the covers or sleep on her belly this was a big issue for me.  The first few nights she wasn’t sure about it- it was something new and I was nervous that I had just wasted my money, but after that once I would lay her down she would snuggle to her comfort spot and go right to sleep.  I knew we hit the jackpot but especially when we started to go to friends homes during her naptime or staying over at grandma’s house to visit.  I dreaded trying to put her to sleep in a new area but with the dockatot that is familiar for her so she would fall a sleep pretty quickly.  I knew that with our second child this would be one of our first purchases we made.
  2. Owlet: Do you or did you every just stare at your baby sleeping and wonder if they were even alive? Well I use to all the time- I remember the first time she slept through the whole night I woke up in a panic thinking she had to be dead.  I just sat there and stared at her for a few minutes.  She wasn’t moving and it looked like she wasn’t even breathing.  I started to stroke her face and poke at her until she moved just a little to make sure she was alive.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and have to check on her even though she was in the same room as me. I feared I missed her struggle or cry for help.  About 9-10 months later I heard about this new baby monitor called the Owlet and I knew I was getting it with my next child.  This little sock sits on the babies foot and will monitor their oxygen level and heart rate.  I think this is a must for all parents but especially little ones that have been in the NICU.
  3. The Ollie Swaddle: I hated trying to swaddle Olivia up only to have her untangle it soon after but the velcro swaddles that I got from Target were annoying to me as well.  When Olivia would wake up in the middle of the night and need a diaper change I would have to unswaddle the entire thing waking her up in the process.  There were times she would start crying so loud my husband would come in wondering if he needed to step in and help- nope dear just trying to change her diaper, she will be fine once she is warm and swaddled again.  This swaddle you can keep the baby all nice and snug and just work up the open bottom and get things done.  I can’t wait to try this out.
  4. Little Unicorn Swaddle: Have you seen these swaddles- they are beautiful and so soft.  I had very cute swaddles with Olivia but these ones were gorgeous.  This was something I wanted to invest in for my next baby and I also love to get them for friends as well.  I also love that they are light weight so I often use them as blankets, especially in the summer time.
  5. Lucy Darling- Baby book: I got one of these baby books for Olivia and it is adorable.  They are well made, easy to keep up on, and very well priced as well.  If I was able to keep up on this baby book than anyone can.  I am the worst at that kind of stuff but it was important to me to have for her when she was older.  Plus they came out with some new designs since Olivia was born.


UppaBaby Vista Stroller: I have the Bugaboo Cameleon right now and it is a great stroller- I love it.  But I don’t want to switch over to the donkey- it seems a little to bulky to me.  I know you can buy the little skate to add on but Olivia LOVES to be pushed in her stroller.  I don’t want her to feel like she is getting booted to walking or even hanging onto that skate part while the baby gets her spot.  The Uppababy Vista has where you can add another seat to it- how great is that.  You can do so many different configurations as well to find something that works for you.  This is still on my wish list because I spent way too much already on Black Friday. Oups- the baby needed it all.

Where did I find all these amazing products?  In just one spot- The Baby Cubby.  This is a local store here in Utah but I actually bought everything online.  I have followed this store on instagram for awhile now and have been to a few of their pop-up shops.  I have also watched a few of their periscopes where they have talked about products they have at the store and they also showed some awesome things from the baby convention and were asking their followers for advice on what products we were all curious about and wanting in their store.  I love that sense of community that they give to all parents.  It really does take a village to raise a family and they are a great member of that village to help.

The Baby Cubby just isn’t another baby store, they honestly want to help you on your journey of being a parent.  Car seats are something that I really struggle with- there has been times that I have had to remove the base out my car and getting it back in has been a real struggle. I am not that strong to pull it as tight as it needs to be.  They have a car seat specialist that you can always stop off at their store and they will check it for you and if anything is wrong they will help you correct it.

They often host pop up shops for other local vendors as well.  I love a store that really believes in community and bringing people together. They will have small shops set up at their location and host the event.  Their store also likes to support small shops and they often ask their customers if there are products that they want them to carry.  That right there is amazing service to me.

Now on Black Friday they were having an amazing sale- everything that I wanted on this list was on sale so I stayed up until 12:01 to make sure I got it all.  Now this is where it’s a huge surprise- Saturday afternoon I got a knock on my door and I have 2 packages from The Baby Cubby- I bought this stuff the day before. It was so fast and everything came very well packaged.  They offer nationwide free shipping on orders over $49. Which lets be honest as a parent the last thing you really want to do is run to a store and have to get out of your car to do anything.  I love to shop in my pjs with my hair in my 2 day old bun and know that I didn’t have to pay for shipping either- win-win.

Check out their blog to see what articles and advice they have to share and also check out their store online.


*This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby- all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest.  These items are truly on the top of my list of must haves for second baby.


Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch

I am sure everyone has seen all the amazing things people are making out of wood- watches, rings, sunglasses, ect. I have become obsessed with the beauty of these items and how different they are.  Each item is a little different from the grains in the wood.  Not only is the watch gorgeous but even the box that holds and protects the watch is gorgeous.  I love to have it out on my dresser to show off because of its beauty.

Olivia often wants to copy me in things as well- she sees that I love this watch and wear it all the time so she has started to steal it off the dresser and wear it for herself.  Look how cute my little copycat is below & how gorgeous this watch is with the pop of turquoise.

Also Jord Wood Watch and I would like to give you all a chance to either get a watch for yourself or a loved one for the holidays so please enter a giveaway to win a $75 coupon- everyone that enters will get a $20 coupon as well. The giveaway will run until November 13, 2016.


Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $75 coupon AND ANY OTHER entry gets a $20 coupon, so EVERYONE walks away a winner. Click here or above on GIVEAWAY.


Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch

Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch

Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch Womens Watch, Wood watch, Jord Wood Watch

Watch: Jord Wood Watch c/o :: Dress: Anthropologie :: Olivia’s Sweater: Gap Kids :: Olivia’s Hairbow: Little Poppy Co :: Ring Box: The Mrs Box

Did you forget to enter the GIVEAWAY than click here to enter for a $75 coupon to Jord Wood Watch and EVERY entry gets a $20 coupon- so you are all winners.  The giveaway will run until November 13, 2016.

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.

Mom and Tot Box

Momandtot monthly subscription

Hey I have mentioned before that I am obsessed with monthly subscriptions and so here is another one. Mom’n’Tot Box

There is just something about always getting happy mail and it being amazing that makes it that much more fun.  I think Olivia must agree because her face is priceless when opening up her box this month.

Momandtot monthly subscription

What is fun about this box “which the name says it all” It has something in there for your baby or toddler as well as for yourself.  We all like to get presents at times.

This month we got a wooden toy camera, non toxic crayons made from beeswax, a first aid kit that fits into the diaper bag, nail polish for me, and little shorts for Olivia.

That is a lot of things in 1 box.

Momandtot monthly subscription

Momandtot monthly subscription

You can tell by her facial expressions she was thrilled.

Momandtot monthly subscription

Her favorite things are obviously the crayons and the wooden toy camera.  She thought it was so funny to see me hold it up and look through the hole.  I kept showing her that she now has a camera just like mommy does.  My favorite items are her new cute blue and white polka dot shorts (perfect for summer), the first aid kit (I am one of those over prepared people so this was perfect to have it all in a hardshell case, and of course my nail polish. It was a gorgeous light purple- also perfect for summertime nails.

Momandtot monthly subscription wood camera

Momandtot monthly subscription

Momandtot monthly subscription nontoxic crayons

Olivia loved the items so much that she insisted on bringing them outside with us to color.  She was also caught chewing on them which made me feel at ease knowing they are safe for her.

Check out these monthly subscriptions at MomandTot

Bookroo monthly subscription

baby board book

I have a passion for reading. Growing up I loved coming home, grabbing a great book, cuddled up on the couch and seeing my dad on the other couch doing the same. I also loved discussing the books we were reading.  I wanted this love for reading so bad for my daughter so I was thrilled when I would catch her playing quietly in her room flipping through a book.  She will bring me books, sit on my lap and point at things while turning the pages.

Something else that I also love are subscriptions. Seriously, I was signed up for a monthly 3- bow headband subscription, weekly meals from Blue Apron, toys subscription, diapers, magazines, you name it.

So when I found a monthly subscription of books for my daughter I was thrilled.

I can honestly say that one of our favorite books has come from the Bookroo monthly subscription too.

The Biggest Kiss by Joanna Walsh & Judi Abbot she thinks it is so funny to give me kisses throughout the book. What more could I ask for.

Olivia has so many books but I had never heard of this one.  It is her favorite book and mine as well.  She will honestly give me kisses throughout the whole book and I have noticed that she will continue giving me more kisses throughout the day.

One of my favorite quotes is “I do believe something magical can happen when you read a book” J. K. Rowling

I love seeing that Olivia sees the magic in books already and I hope to continue that love.  Having a monthly subscription from Bookroo will help to continue her love for reading.


Bookroo monthly subscription

monthly book subscription

book subscription

board books

baby subscription

baby board book

reading book

book monthly subscription

bookroo monthly subscription

excited about reading

board books

Olivia: Top: BabyGap :: Pants: Janie & Jack (smilar) :: Hair Bow Clip: Haley Crochet Creations

Sheets: Cariloha :: Duvet Cover: Cariloha :: Blanket: Cariloha

This post is sponsored by Bookroo.  All opinions and thoughts are honest & my own.

Cariloha Bamboo Bedding

cat in the bed, cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

My husband and I have been in our home for almost 4 years.  It is an older home & we love it for it’s character & charm. It needs a lot of updating so we have been getting bids therefore so many people have come into our home & even asked us if we just moved in.  We always thought that we would get to the remodel sooner so we had avoided decorating, buying new furniture, & being actual adults, just living with our mix matched things.  It’s embarrassing explaining to people that nope we have been here for quite a while but have been living like 19 year old college students.

Anyways one thing that needed major updating was our bedding. I’m almost embarrassed to say this but I know my bedding followed me from pre-college days. It was old, outdated, and wasn’t very comfortable.  The white sheets were looking grey and yellow.  I thought that one of the first things we needed to invest in was some adult bedding. I have always been curious about this trend of bamboo clothing, beddings, just anything bamboo. (We have even been looking into bamboo flooring).

Honestly I can now say I know why everyone is talking about it.  The first day I took the sheets out & washed them I couldn’t believe the difference in feel once pulled out of the dryer.  They were so soft.  I even made my mom come in and feel how soft they were when she came to visit.  I’ve also noticed that I seem to sleep more comfortable with them.  You know how sometimes you can get too hot or too cold during the night, I seem to keep a good neutral temperature while using these sheets.

I use to travel a ton (pre-baby) & I felt like I was sleeping in an expensive hotels bed.  You know the feeling, soft, fluffy, & you don’t want to leave.

If your shopping around for new bedding I highly recommend going the eco-friendly route & getting bamboo sheets & better yet check out Cariloha sheets.  You, your partner, & your pets wont regret it.

 cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cat in the bed, cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cat in the bed, cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cat in the bed, cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding, woven pear cat socks

cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

cat in the bad, cariloha sheets, bamboo bedding

Sheets: Cariloha :: Duvet Cover: Cariloha :: Blanket: Cariloha  all c/o :: Decorative Pillow: Sweet Sugar Beets  c/o

Pajamas: Cariloha c/o :: Cat Socks: Woven Pear c/o

O’s Outfit: Jumpsuit: Everly B c/o :: Mouse Socks: Harper’s Chic Closet :: Hair Bow: Harper’s Chic Closet 

This post is my honest opinion on product.

Winter Onederland

OMG you guys, Olivia has turned one.

I can’t believe I have a one year old. This was very emotional for me and I don’t know if anyone else experienced this but I just couldn’t believe a year had already gone by since her birth. Time has just flown by and it makes me feel like I am missing so much of her growing up. The baby phase goes by so quickly, babies just grow and learn so much so fast.

I stressed so much about her birthday party. I know that her first birthday is all for me because she doesn’t care what happens or will even remember but I wanted to make sure it was perfect.  We live in an older home that we have planned to remodel for years now. Hey its an older home, lots of things have gone wrong with it so a lot of that budget has gone towards other things to fix. (quick story but we had a mama raccoon give birth in our chimney, it wasn’t pleasant)

Anyways… I was so stressed about everything looking perfect that weeks before the party I decided I had to paint the entire front rooms where the party was going to be so I rushed to home depot (while my husband was out of town) & stayed up all night for several days to paint the front rooms. I also wanted to surprise my husband. I knew if he was home he would probably talk me out of it.  I also wanted to prove to myself that I can be this amazing mom that can do it all like every other mom in this perfect world so I wanted to DIY most of the party. (I don’t know how you women do it, I killed myself & didn’t even get half the stuff done)

Thank goodness for PINTEREST. I wouldn’t have survived this party without it. I will post all the links to the tutorials for her party at the end. So here it is:














Food: Chicken Salad Croissants, Fruit & Dip, Veggies & Dip, Cheese Ball & Crackers

Dessert: Cookies by The Alison Show Cookie Party, brownies, Cake by Pepper & Palate, Smash Cake by Cakes de Fleur

Drinks: Lemonade, Water

Glass Bottles: DIY & Milk bottles from Costco *mocha drinks

Water Bottle Labels: DIY tutorial here

Gold Celebrate sign: DIY tutorial here *instead of mixing

the mod podge & glitter I painted the mod podge & sprinkled the glitter & got better results

Photo booth backdrop: DIY tutorial here *I bought the cheaper paper & it worked great

Photo Booth Props: Amazon

Tassel Garland: DIY tutorial here

Gold Sparkle Mason Jars: DIY

Balloons: Zurchers, Large Gold 1, Small 1

Happy Birthday Sign: DIY

ONE sign *high chair*: DIY & gold letters by Zurchers

Mat: Gathre

Pink Cups: Zurchers :: Pink Plates: Zurchers :: Pink Napkins: Zurchers :: Pink Paper Straws: Zurchers