Perfect Gifts for a Second Baby

Unicorn Bath Towel

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When someone is having a second baby you often wonder what the perfect gift could be.  In our family our child got a lot of hand me downs- yes she has the typical stereotypical second child syndrome of having to use all the hand me downs- but as a baby I don’t think they will mind.  We had almost everything that we needed when our second child rolled around but there is few things that a child just can’t share.  I am going to name a few of the items that we got that we have loved for our second child- some where items that we needed but didn’t have with our first and others were something that each child can have and can’t really share.


Piggy Bank
Our first daughter loves her piggy bank- she goes through our wallets and collects all the change she can find in the house- she isn’t even 3 yet and its one of her favorite things to do.  We knew that having a bank for our second child was a must since they can’t really share.  We ended up getting this gorgeous Castle Bank so that they had different looking ones.  This has been so helpful for when great grandparents and others have sent money as gifts.  We have bank accounts open for each of the girls but we don’t often make it to the bank to deposit smaller funds when we have received them.  For example: a great grandparent likes to send all the kids money for each holiday.

Cute Piggy Banks

This is something that each child can share but we have liked to get their own. Both of our girls have had animals that have kind of developed into their main animal theme- it wasn’t really intentional- it has just happened.  For example- with our first we didn’t find out the gender- so when decorating we went with the neutral color of grey- well her designated animal turned into an elephant.  With our second we found out the gender and since we were having another girl I went super girly and chose to decorate with pinks and golds- that animal reminded me of a unicorn so her theme animal turned into a unicorn.  So when we found this unicorn robe we knew we had to have it.  I was so excited when Baby Aspen reached out and wanted to work together.  We were able to get the adorable bank and robe from them.

Unicorn Bath Robe

Baby Aspen Bath Robe

We have been obsessed with dockatot since my first was 9 months old.  I was desperate for sleep and she still hadn’t slept through the night.  I decided to invest in the grand and give it a try. It took her a few nights to get use to it but she started sleeping like an angel.  Since we didn’t have the deluxe for our second child we knew this was going to be our large investment.

Dockatot- best sleep ever

Obviously every parent would appreciate the gift of diapers.  You can never have enough diapers.

Pacifier Clips
My first was really attached to her soother and we went through a lot of pacifier clips.  There were ones that I loved by once they got wet with her drool they would stain her clothing.  Than I discovered Templeton Silver and learned about how they hold 85% less bacteria than most pacifier clips I was sold.  I can also say that my firsts are in such great condition that I can use them with my second but we also bought some for her as well.  I love that these can also be worn as bracelets- which I have once for my first with her initial as well as one for my second child.  I hope to keep them in their memory books as well.  They are great quality and gorgeous.  This would be an amazing gift for anyone to receive

I hope I gave you some good ideas- it can be hard to know what to get a second child- especially when it is the same gender as the first.  If you have any good ideas as well please share them below- I’d love to know.

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