Winter Onederland

OMG you guys, Olivia has turned one.

I can’t believe I have a one year old. This was very emotional for me and I don’t know if anyone else experienced this but I just couldn’t believe a year had already gone by since her birth. Time has just flown by and it makes me feel like I am missing so much of her growing up. The baby phase goes by so quickly, babies just grow and learn so much so fast.

I stressed so much about her birthday party. I know that her first birthday is all for me because she doesn’t care what happens or will even remember but I wanted to make sure it was perfect.  We live in an older home that we have planned to remodel for years now. Hey its an older home, lots of things have gone wrong with it so a lot of that budget has gone towards other things to fix. (quick story but we had a mama raccoon give birth in our chimney, it wasn’t pleasant)

Anyways… I was so stressed about everything looking perfect that weeks before the party I decided I had to paint the entire front rooms where the party was going to be so I rushed to home depot (while my husband was out of town) & stayed up all night for several days to paint the front rooms. I also wanted to surprise my husband. I knew if he was home he would probably talk me out of it.  I also wanted to prove to myself that I can be this amazing mom that can do it all like every other mom in this perfect world so I wanted to DIY most of the party. (I don’t know how you women do it, I killed myself & didn’t even get half the stuff done)

Thank goodness for PINTEREST. I wouldn’t have survived this party without it. I will post all the links to the tutorials for her party at the end. So here it is:














Food: Chicken Salad Croissants, Fruit & Dip, Veggies & Dip, Cheese Ball & Crackers

Dessert: Cookies by The Alison Show Cookie Party, brownies, Cake by Pepper & Palate, Smash Cake by Cakes de Fleur

Drinks: Lemonade, Water

Glass Bottles: DIY & Milk bottles from Costco *mocha drinks

Water Bottle Labels: DIY tutorial here

Gold Celebrate sign: DIY tutorial here *instead of mixing

the mod podge & glitter I painted the mod podge & sprinkled the glitter & got better results

Photo booth backdrop: DIY tutorial here *I bought the cheaper paper & it worked great

Photo Booth Props: Amazon

Tassel Garland: DIY tutorial here

Gold Sparkle Mason Jars: DIY

Balloons: Zurchers, Large Gold 1, Small 1

Happy Birthday Sign: DIY

ONE sign *high chair*: DIY & gold letters by Zurchers

Mat: Gathre

Pink Cups: Zurchers :: Pink Plates: Zurchers :: Pink Napkins: Zurchers :: Pink Paper Straws: Zurchers

4 thoughts on “Winter Onederland

  1. It always amazes me the amount of time and such that goes into a 1-year-olds birthday bash. My nephew’s first and second were both something else. I just come along and take the photos. I think the best was the smash cake though. 🙂

    You did some cool stuff here. Well done. The photos are great.

    1. Thank you. It is ridiculous when you think about how much goes into a 1 year old birthday party. Its all for the mom thats for sure. Thank you for the comments and yes the smash cake is the best and most important photos of all.

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