First Days Home

Is it just me or did anyone else miss being in the hospital after having a baby?

I was so ready to be home, or so I thought. Once getting home, alone with O and my husband I realized how much I missed having someone take care of me.  I had prepared a lot of frozen meals towards the end of my pregnancy so that I was more prepared for dinnertime. I don’t think my husband knew I had done that and since we left to the hospital in such a hurry the night she was born there wasn’t a meal defrosted enough to cook. We thought that we had a meal set up for us but it ended up falling through so my husband had to head out last minute to grab stuff.

I was starving and missed having options for my meals as well as having them bring it to me. I missed having someone coming in and checking on O and I. I also felt like I had to start doing things around the house.

Why is it that we can’t relax sometimes and just enjoy the moment? We always feel like we need to be doing more.

I am embarrassed to admit this part but the only benefit was I finally had a shower and felt so much more like myself. Ya I know, I am gross, but I didn’t want to shower at the hospital and that first day I was on bed rest anyways.  The shower did make me feel more human and helped some of the swelling of my body.

The part that scared me the most was that night my milk started to really come in.  Now I had heard that when your milk comes in it is really sore and hurts. But I had also heard that if you have extreme pain and heat radiating off your breasts that something might be wrong, infection, ect and you should get checked.

Well my breasts were radiating heat, they tripled in size, and I couldn’t even touch them. These descriptions only got worse over the next couple of days. I kept on telling myself, we are going to O’s appointment soon for her check up and I will ask then. I seriously thought that something was wrong though.  I am a pretty small breasted girl and these new boobies looked like porn star status.

I was nervous to take anything other then the medication the doctor had me taking already so I resorted to other things. Lets just say that ice packs, hot showers and these lansinoh soothie gel pads were my best friend. I would pop them in the fridge and let them cool and place them on.

Seriously no one can explain to you how much pain your boobs will be in once the milk comes in and there are times that your nipples hurt from the baby latching on. But once you get past it its the most rewarding experience. I love having my little bundle of joy cuddled up so close to me all the time, I love the convenience of having food on us at all times, and I love knowing that I’m giving her the best food I can, plus the money we saved from not having to buy formula was always a plus as well. I am not judging anyone that doesn’t breastfeed their babies. I know every mother does what is best for their baby and everyone has different circumstances and opinions. This is just my opinion and experience. What was your first few days like being home from the hospital? Did you miss being at the hospital at all?

Rose To Life, Baby Photo, Michelle Moehle

Rose To Life, Michelle Moehle, Baby Photos, 4 days old photo

Rose To life, Michelle Moehle, 4 days old, Baby photos


Miss O was so tiny at her first pediatrician appointment, she was 6 lbs 2 oz & didn’t fit into any of her clothes. I didn’t fit into any of my clothes either. I had a very unrealistic view of what my body would look like afterwards. My husband was the one that had to remind me often that I just had a baby.

6 thoughts on “First Days Home

  1. oh my gosh! she is SO precious! ahhh!! I don’t have a baby yet so I am always so interested in learning peoples experiences on coming home/first little bit with their new little babe. I am so nervous my boobs will hate me once I get to breastfeed haha but I’m sure it is amazing once you get the hang of it! congrats on your sweet new little girl!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Thank you so much. It gets some use to with the whole breastfeeding thing. Everyone and every baby is different though. Thanks again, she’s a lot of fun.

  2. What a little angel you have! I’m sorry your milk coming in was so rough! Breastfeeding my first baby was really hard but with the second everything went so well! I was anxious to get out of the hospital with both of them though.

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